Wasted Talent

In 2015, I decided to start making music again after a six year break (not counting the A Life Worth Losing soundtrack). Honestly, real life and other pursuits got in the way, and I didn’t feel I had time to properly do music anymore.

At the start of the year, around January/February, I suddenly got the urge to do a bit of music — just to see if I still had it — and a couple of tunes came out of that. It was fun, but I didn’t know what to do with them. And for about eight months, they just sat there on my hard drive.

Then, come October, I found myself with a week off from work. I decided, well in advance actually, that I would use that week to try and put together an album. I didn’t know if I was going to use the stuff I did eight months prior (I did end up doing that, though); I just knew I wanted to use my time off to try and do music again.

The tracks on this album came together in the span of six productive evenings, with no clear goal as to where I was going with it. I was simply going to sit my ass down each night and try to write a song; whatever song came out of it, I was going to use it on the album.

The last track (which was track 3, the title track) was written literally on the day (or, I should say, early morning — I stayed up very late making this) that I released the album, on October 29th, 2015.

All the tunes were written using free VSTs from http://www.vst4free.com and free drum loops from http://www.looperman.com. (I did do some drum programming on my own, though, as well as synth programming and playing guitar.)

Track-by-track commentary

Read my commentary on each track over on Tumblr:

  1. Virginity
  2. Silent Snow
  3. Wasted Talent
  4. We Deserve It
  5. Monolith
  6. Soft
  7. Corpsicle
  8. Sunken
  9. Morning Light
  10. Something To Hold On To