The Talent Show (Single)

After finishing Practically Sentient and playing the pre-mixes for a few friends, it became quite obvious that “The Talent Show” was the one song people latched on to. Maybe it was the mechanical beat; maybe it was because I barely sang on it myself. Maybe it’s just a good song. What do I know.

I thought it’d be fun to ask a bunch of my musically inclined friends to bat around the multitracks for a bit and create a “single” of the song. For what purpose, I wasn’t really sure at that time. Just that it would be a cool thing to do.

Amazingly, I got six of my friends to do it. The first was Fuad von Loop (a.k.a. Audiolog), who also sang lead vocals on the original. He did a quick and dirty remix which he admits was just a throw-away, using Logic, even though he usually uses Ableton Live (like me).

The guy who agreed to play guitar in my live band, Jesper, had never done a remix before, but he fearlessly jumped into it, using the Garageband that came with his Mac.

My friend Arnt went through his library of samples of him banging various kitchen appliances against each other and created a dank industrial mix using his alias Charlie C. Fair. He claims he didn’t listen to the original song until after his remix was done, and I believe him.

I did a techno remix myself (under the name Grafikfejl), and my friend Rune did a very spacy remix using his band name Lydstat (I don’t think he listened to the original, either).

And then Asger, who is a drummer friend I admire a lot, just tore the song apart, threw everything out apart from the vocals, and just did his own Devin Townsend-esque thing.

All these people deserve my neverending thanks for being up to the task and doing this in their spare time for no reward, and just being up for a bit of fun. Even though it’s the same song repeated seven times, the remixes are all so different that it’s almost like listening to an album on its own. Almost.

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