Recruited Talent – The Remixes

I asked some friends if they wanted to remix Wasted Talent, and to my surprise and delight, they did!

And who are these people, you may ask?

Well, Thomas Arnt, I have known for many years. We were in a punk band together back in our young and carefree days, and we still get together every once in a while to create abysmal noise. Arnt contributed two remixes: the country-twanged “Hot Body Cold Steel” and the wtf? beat-mania of “Just Say Hi.”

Brandon Blume is a very talented guitar player who decided to submit an entirely guitar-less remix, “Morning Light (Aurora Borealis Mix)”. Brandon’s been a good friend for many years – we know each other from the Space Quest community – and he’s done music for a number of games, including IQ Adventures’ remake of Space Quest II.

Matias Bernhof Jakobsen is an old friend from grade school whom I recently reconnected with. We used to play Doom against each other and create MOD music in Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker between deathmatches. It’s very special to have him on this record as he was my first “music buddy” ever and we basically learned how to make music together.

Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen, a.k.a. Audiolog, taught me everything I know about using modern sequencers, like Reason and Ableton Live. We formed the industrial-rock band Kampf Mekanik during my university days, and he’s been a frequent foil for my musical aspirations ever since.

Frederik Olsen’s band Tidal Force contributed the astoundingly abrasive “Radioactive Poisoning Mix.” Fred and I have been friends since the old Space Quest community days, and today we co-host the podcast Back Seat Designers about adventure games.

James Mulvale plies his trade as house composer for IQ Adventures – in fact, they just released their game Order of the Throne today, which has James’ music all over it – but for this record, he turned up the bombastic strings for his “Bovine Mix,” named thusly because he well and truly “beefed up” the original.

The rest of the remixes I did myself.