Practically Sentient

This thing was my first really big solo effort. I wanted to do a proper full-length album. I had also just assembled the beginnings of a live band that were actually willing to perform my material on stage (sans a drummer, unfortunately). So I was also thinking very much in terms of what kind of material would work well in a live setting.

Since I like to think I can play the drums, I decided to do a record with live drums on all tracks. I had also borrowed my friend’s bass, so apart from the two-stringed guitar, it was also the first album I did with real bass on it (the same friend ended up co-mixing the record).

Ironically, the one song people like the most, “The Talent Show”, actually came about because I tripped and wanged my knee up badly towards the end of the project. To the point where I couldn’t possibly play drums. At that point I had most of the drum tracks down (from two marathon-sessions over a weekend), plus a few scattered beats with no real intent. But I was two or three songs away from a complete album.

“The Talent Show” was built around drums sampled from the drum kit I was using, EQ’ed to shit (to give them that industrial punch). “Make It Stop” was similarly constructed out of left-over beats I had recorded for the hell of it.

Then there’s the “album concept,” which admittedly was sort of an afterthought. The whole business with the tide rolling in and out and back and forth was supposed to be a metaphor for ups and downs in a relationship. But then there are songs on the album like “The Recluse” and “The Talent Show” which have nothing to do with that concept. So calling it a “concept album” would be a misnomer.

Still, I was really happy with it when I had finished it. It’s far from the high-tech grand album I set out to do, but it turned into something else entirely along the way. Oh, and the reviewers? They hated it. I’m okay with that.

Liner notes

Vocals on track #3 by Fuad Von Loop
Vocals on tracks #2 #7 #8 #10 by David Warmind
Add. guitar on track #10 by Dion Førslev Pedersen


Download multitracks from this album for remixing and stuff:

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