Perpetual Failure

Over the Easter holiday of 2016, I wanted to do some audio experiments. I had this idea of doing free-form noisy guitar stuff, and I also wanted to experiment with field recordings.

So, I combined the two. I went out with my mobile phone over the weekend and recorded myself going to the store, the train station, and even passing a couple of buskers in a tunnel (that’s the intro on the last track).

Then I just sat down for a couple of evenings, plugged in my guitar, added god-knows-how-much reverb, and just played whatever came to mind. Sometimes I’d just run my fingernails up and down the strings; sometimes I’d try actually playing something. I’d do some very rough bubbly/rumbly sounds in Reason before importing it, so I had something to play along to — but mostly it was just free-form noise.

The resulting album is barely listenable to anyone expecting anything in the realm of rhythm, melody, or other things we normally associate with “music.” But it was fun to make.