My Happy Place

I wanted to make an album that sounded like a scrunched up, screaming face. A real clenched fist of an album. So I found the harshest, angriest guitar distortion I could muster, and mastered the whole thing into a crushing brick wall.

My neighbors haven’t said anything yet, but I’m sure they must’ve thought I was having a nervous breakdown, or perhaps a very intense series of heated conversations with myself over the three or four days I recorded vocals for it.

Halfway through recording the album, I gave up drinking. It worked out so that the first half (tracks 1-5) were recorded drunk; the other half (tracks 6-10) were recorded sober.

My friend Ben Chandler did the artwork. If you’ve played a game by Wadjet Eye Games (perhaps Technobabylon, Shardlight or Blackwell Epiphany), you may see some similarities. That’s because he did all the graphics for those games. And now he’s done an album cover for me. Poor bastard.

Because I still think my voice is horrible, I took the precaution of making an instrumental version of the album. It has a bonus track, “Flee,” that I wrote on the night of releasing the album.