Grafikfejl – Planeten Jorden

This is an electronica-tinged album I did as a side-project at university. It was supposed to be a band-like effort with two collaborators (a bass player named Mads and David Warmind as vocalist — sadly, David got the shaft on this one, as this is the only album we made, and it ended up being instrumental).

The first three tracks I did on my own. I played bass myself, intending for Mads to replace the bass tracks with his much superior skills. But that never happened, so the bass tracks you’re listening to are actually my scratch bass tracks.

The fourth track was a sketch Mads had made in Reason which I fiddled around with over lunch in a noisy cafeteria.

The fifth track was made for a university project where Mads and I performed a version of the tune live in an auditorium as images of people getting on and off trains played on a big screen. The version on this album is not the live version, but rather a slightly condensed version we put together after the performance.

Sadly, the group never went anywhere, and after university we all went our separate ways. Mads never played bass on any of the tracks and David never got to sing on anything. Still, it was fun while it lasted.