Everyone Loves A Murder Mystery

I did this album in about a week, just after completing Complacency Kills. I basically wrote out the entire album in a .txt file — lyrics and everything — before recording anything. For no other reason than I was on break during the summer, had just finished a record I’d worked on for a long time, and wanted to do something quick with the set-up I was now very familiar with.

Back when I was in my high school band we used to monkey around with recording sound effects and snippets of stupid dialogue to shove in between songs. We even wrote a space opera concept album complete with radio theater script and 12 songs, but sadly never got around to actually record it. So I love concept albums. And I think Devin Townsend’s Ziltoid the Omniscient had just come out.

All this amounted to a quick and dirty concept album about religious fanatics and some vague cyberpunk-ish detective nonsense. When it was done (within a week) I sent it to my friend Arnt, who was the lead singer in our high school band, who proceeded to laugh his ass off. Mission accomplished.

Script for tie-in comic book

Still, I must have had a bit of a crush on the story, because not long after the album was finished, I wrote up the story as a comic book script. My plan was to troll the DeviantArt forum looking for an illustrator, but like most of my plans that involve other people, it never panned out.

» Read the comic script here (PDF) Warning: it’s unintentionally hilarious.

Liner notes

Vocals on track #11 by David Warmind


Download multitracks from this album for remixing and whatnot:

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