Disc Two: A Remix Companion

After I’d finished Practically Sentient I bought ten CD jewel cases. My plan was to burn the album onto ten CD-R’s and mail them to various on-line review sites that review demo material. I noticed, too late, that the jewel cases I had bought were 2-CD flip-cases, meant for holding two discs.

So I rummaged through my old CD collection, got out the 10 least scratched jewel cases, and replaced them with my new 2-CD cases. So I could mail out the album to the review sites in a mildly professional form.

But then I got to thinking, what if I did a bonus disc for Practically Sentient, like you get with “special editions” of albums from artists on record labels? The more I thought about it, the more fun it sounded. Also, I had the multitracks lying around, and knowing how careful I usually am with files and whatnot, I thought I’d better screw around with them now before I lose them forever.

By a serendipitous coincidence, at the same time I managed to salvage the multitracks from my two previous albums, Complacency and Murder Mystery, off the broken laptop on which they were originally created. So now I had multitracks for my three last albums, ready and hopping for some remixing.

I also had a couple of tracks lying around from the Practically Sentient drum sessions that were only half done; one of them was “Changing of the Guard” which had a piano riff I really liked. Originally it had programmed drums, and one night in the “studio” (university rehearsal space) I drunkenly tried to play drums along with it with the mic’s on. That’s the version you hear here.

And then there’s the Gary Numan cover which I guess is prerequisite for any industrial act. It kind of meanders a bit but it’s one of my favorite, semi-obscure Numan songs. In fact, I’ve got an album’s worth of Numan covers lying around in MIDI-form, waiting to be recorded properly, but that’s another story.

And then there’s the video game covers that bookend the disc. Had tons of fun with those.


Liner notes

Vocals on track #3 by Fuad Von Loop
Vocals on tracks #2 #7 #8 #10 by David Warmind
Add. guitar on track #10 by Dion Førslev Pedersen

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