Complacency Kills

CK was my first foray into what I’d call “real” songwriting. I had done a few albums of mostly instrumental stuff before, but this was the first time I tried using real guitars, real drums and, most importantly, vocals.

I was dead scared of using my own voice, because I think I have a horrible singing voice. So I decided to scream my way through most of the songs, but I didn’t really have the technique down. So some work really well (“We The People”), others sound a bit strange and forced (“In This Age”).

The drums and vocals were done at my university. As it happened I had a music class with the drummer from the Danish hardcore band The Psyke Project, Rasmus, who was (and is) a terribly nice guy. On a whim I asked him if he wanted to play drums on one of the tracks, and astonishingly, he agreed. So I mic’ed him up, very amateurishly, with three song mic’s and did three or four run-throughs of “The Modern Rebellion.” Then we had a few beers and I lost my job at the school library. Totally worth it.

There’s a big concept running through the entire album, but I already wrote about that at length on the album’s BandCamp page. Just click through the individual song titles and read the descriptions.

In 2009 I remastered a few of the tracks (very subtly) so I could post it on Unfortunately in that process, the track “Tired” got corrupted and the opening sample went missing. If you want that track with the original opening sample, download the original version of the album here.

Liner notes

Vocals on track #3 by David Warmind
Drums on track #4 by Rasmus Sejersen of The Psyke Project
Ambience and guitar on #6 by Thomas Arnt Jensen


Download multitracks from this record for remixing and/or something:

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