A Very Alchemy Christmas

Late 2009, I had a few musical scraps lying around, and I had a musical set-up I was quite comfortable with. I had my drum machine tuned up the way I wanted; I had a guitar sound I was really happy with, and I had a library of sampled breakbeats I wanted to smear over everything I did.

So for Christmas 2009, I decided to do a 4-track EP which I would release every Sunday in December. The last track would be a proper “Christmas song,” albeit in my own personal, irritating style.

I did all the recording in about a week, then I did all the vocals in one day at my university’s rehearsal space. (Sore throat, yay!)

Then I realized there aren’t four Sundays in December before Christmas Eve, so my plan of releasing one every Sunday in December had to be revised. But no one noticed, so I’m good.

Only the last track is Christmas-y; the other three are decidedly angry, high-octane scream-fests.


A year later, I did a “music video” for the X-Mas song. Which was really just a dizzying collage of Google Image searches, but fun nonetheless.

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