A Life Worth Losing (OST)

So, yeah, I’m a huge nerd. And I’m a huge fan of other nerds. So I made an adventure game in my spare time featuring some of my favorite nerds. And that game needed a musical soundtrack, so who better than, well, me?

So this is the soundtrack to the adventure game A Life Worth Losing, and as such it’s not really what I’d normally do for an album.

It’s all instrumental; most of it is keyboards, programmed drums and breakbeats. I think I was channeling the Funky Monkey album Superfox, as well as old favorite adventure game soundtracks like the Space Quest games and Beneath a Steel Sky. Something where you had a piece of melody to hum along to, but the music would otherwise stay comfortably in the background.

There’s a few pretentious points of interest, like how the stabby 16th note synth keeps appearing more and more frequently in the tracks leading up to the Tarantula Room, where it’s almost completely dominant — and the fact that The Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic, as well as the main character’s realization that he’s dreaming everything, has its own leitmotif. I won’t bore you too much with those.

You can download and play the game for free at pleimert.dk/lwl.

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