Putting things in their right orders

Okay, after making a complete ass of myself (sorry, @Audiologmusic!), I realized I need to get my shit together. There’s just too much work that needs to be done.

What I figured out is that I need to limit myself to one project at a time. Otherwise, things just start boiling over and my head starts spinning and I’ll never get shit done.

First off, gotta finish that Weltkansler record. (Sorry again, @Audiologmusic!) Exams and real life got in the way of the two distinguished gentlemen during the summer, but this Sunday, things are picking back up. All of the backing tracks are mixed; most of the vocals are done (but unmixed). We just need the last few songs on tape (well, hard drive, really) before I can get to mixing.

There’s a little taste of things to come for you. It’s a track called DIESEL TECHNO and it is incredibly NOT MIXED work-in-progress. (There’s a disclaimer for you.)

Okay, so that’s number one priority right there. Mainly because we’ve been at it for so damn long and it’s gotta get done before we’re all completely sick of it.

We’re about two vocal recording sessions away from the mixing stage, which I’ll do by myself at home … which leaves me time for:

The next thing — which is the record that spurred on this little insanity/planning-trip you’re reading right now. Yes, I’ve been doing some stuff on-and-off with my good friend Audiolog, who used to be the lead singer/programmer in our old industrial band Kampf Mekanik (our old stuff is here). I keep telling him we should get together, then I back out at the last minute because my head can’t keep up. He’s a good sport about it, but I can’t keep doing this to him. We call it NO ROOM FOR SPACE and it’s cyberpunk-ish electro-hell.

We’re not big on showing our work in progress, so you’ll just have to imagine it when I say that the stuff we have got down on tape right now sounds hellishly awesome. It’s got 8-bit C64-bleeps mixed with hard-hitting industrial bass mixed with power-drums mixed with 90’s tracker-style programming mixed with the cutest, cuddliest melodies this side of Hades. I’m so psyched about it and that’s why it’s really killing me that I keep fucking this guy over.

So what about the Alchemy stuff? If I find the time, I might noodle some stuff out for myself. But the two aforementioned projects need to get off the ground first.

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