All Alchemy albums, free of charge

I realized it was utopian of me to think that anyone would ever pay 30 DKK (approx. $5 US) for an Alchemy album download.

So I went in and changed things up at the Alchemy BandCamp site.

The following albums are now free to download in whatever form you choose (from high quality MP3 to even higher quality FLAC, Apple Lossless, etc.):

Complacency Kills (2007)
Everyone Loves a Murder Mystery (2007)
The Talent Show (Single) (2009)
Practically Sentient (2009)
Disc Two (Remixes) (2009)

Notice that you no longer have to buy Practically Sentient in order to get the remix disc Disc Two. It’s available on its own now, and feeling very scared.

Also, the Christmas EP A Very Alchemy Christmas is, of course, also still free.

Now you have no excuse. Go download an Alchemy album today.

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