Update I

It’s been quiet (yeah, too quiet!) in the land of Alchemy as of late. I’m here to change that.

Well, the story so far: I released an album called Practically Sentient. It didn’t do very well, neither with reviewers nor even with close friends. Then I did a short EP for Christmas (see posts below), which did a lot better – although to be fair, I didn’t send this one out to reviewers. But people said they preferred its sound over its predecessor.

For the last few months, I’ve been writing a good chunk of music on my two-stringed guitar, and I’ve actually got enough material that could fill out an album.

But I decided to take a break from music for a while so I could let everything gel properly. In its place, I’ve been spending most of my free time designing and writing an adventure game, which I hope to be able to tell everyone about in excruciating detail soon. (I’m really excited about it. It’ll feature some fun guest celebrities and lots of filthy language and…oh well. Soon.)

Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone – so even though I’m not doing my own stuff right now, I’ve still got my paws in a few other people’s music projects:

  • I’m mixing and producing vocals for the Teutonic electro-band Weltkansler‘s first album
  • I’m producing a small handful of tracks for Rune E., who’s doing his first solo album.
  • My old university band is doing a small 5-track EP of songs we’d written for the past three annual university song contests. Mainly so we’ll get played at the university bar. It’s a fun little project, kind of reminds me of the old days. I’m doing drums (okay, drum programming) and production.
  • I’ll probably be contributing at least one remix (maybe more) for my good friend Arnt, who just did a three-track EP. (Check it out. It’s good late-night electronica stuff.)
  • And I’ll also be doing some instrumental music for the aforementioned adventure game, even though there’s currently another musician attached to the project.

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