Welcome to the Alchemy site

You’ve reached the ‘official’ Alchemy blog/website. Lucky you!

Right now, it’s in a somewhat primitive state, as it’s being run off WordPress’ own server, and thusly has to conform to pre-existing designs. We’ve got a fine custom header, but right now, that’s as much as I can customize the layout.

In the future, I’ll provide updates on how things are shaking in the Alchemy world, as well as (hopefully) keeping your appetites whet with a number of exclusive audio previews. And, of course, there’s a prerequisite image and video gallery.

Check out the remix section. Here you can download multitracks for a number of Alchemy songs so you can remix them yourselves. You can even request a song if the one you want to remix isn’t there yet.

Have a look around, enjoy the site, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment! Even if it’s just something as banal as “hey, you’re a crap singer.”

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