A Very Alchemy Christmas

So, it’s that time again. The weather is crap, everyone’s sneezing on you, and the stores have been going batshit crazy since mid-October guilting you into buying crap for relatives you never talk to.

Yes, it’s x-mas, everyone! And what better way to pick up your Holiday spirits than with a big ol’ lashing of free, mean-spirited, loud-as-all-hell synth-metal?

Presenting the “A Very Alchemy Christmas” EP! For the next four Sundays in December, I’ll release a free, brand-new song. Think of it as a sort of Alchemy advent calendar.

Starting Sunday the 6th of December, you can wake up to a brand new Alchemy track every Sunday to get you through the drudgeries of Christmas shopping and Christmas party hangovers!

So how do you get to listen to it? Well, if you’re already stalking me on Twitter or on Facebook, you’re already there! The next four Sundays, I’ll be posting the tracks for your listening pleasure on these services. All you have to do is follow me on Twitter or join my Facebook page, and your four x-mas tracks will automatically show up on your feeds the moment they’re released. How friggin’ easy is that?

Of course – this isn’t your normal Rod Stewart Christmas cd affair, where you slap a couple of “O Holy Night” covers on it and sell it to suckers who will only listen to it once. These are four all-new, original songs that, except for the last song, doesn’t really have that much to do with Christmas. The first three tracks are all-out balls-to-the-wall synth-metal songs about public caning, religious zealots and unscrupulous banking sharks. The fourth track, however…well, just look at the title.

Here’s a short, instrumental teaser for the first track, Kartika! But don’t worry: all four tracks come with full vocals.

The track list for the EP is as follows:

  1. Kartika (3.43)
  2. Faceless Ape (4.00)
  3. What Have I Done? (4.44)
  4. Merry Friggin’ Christmas (5.25)

The EP will also be available for download near the end of Christmas. You’ll be able to download it in a variety of formats — from 320kbps MP3-files, suitable for any MP3-player, to loss-less formats for audiophiles like FLAC or Apple Lossless — from my BandCamp.com page. Of course, being Christmas and all, it will also be totally free.

So that’s it! I hope you like my little x-mas present for you guys. It’s from the bottom of my heart, seriously.

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