Hi there!

Alchemy is the musical alter ego of Troels Pleimert. Which is me.

I’ve used the alias ever since I was a kid doing music in trackers (we’re talking mid-90’s). Then I graduated to using quote-unquote “real” music sequencing software. I’ve always wanted to make music albums for as long as I can remember, so that’s what I’ve done.

What kind of music is it?

It depends on the album. I’ve done a couple of “industrial punk” albums with lots of noisy guitars and scream-y vocals. I’ve done one or two electronica-tinged albums with no guitars or vocals at all. I’ve even done a drone/noise album.

Someone once described my music as “schizophrenic.” That’s as good a description as any.

My favorite elements in music — the ones I use over and over again — are cutesy synth melodies, extraordinarily distorted guitars, and meticulously programmed drums (sometimes live drums).

Where to get it

I publish all my music on my BandCamp.com profile. It’s all free.

Wanna know what I listen to?

I also share music I find on BandCamp that I rather like on my Tumblr blog.